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Malware Patrol, latest threat detection engine to join PolySwarm

Nov 8, 2019 10:56:04 AM / by PolySwarm Team

MalwarePatrol_HUBSPOT - Edited

Malware Patrol is a team of threat data experts based in the US and Brazil. They have been collecting, analyzing, and sharing data for over a decade enabling the development of an extensive network of sensors, sharing agreements, and community contributors. The result is a vast database of unique and historically rich – “intelligent” – threat data.

Start scanning, searching and hunting in PolySwarm.

“Malware Patrol is excited to be a part of PolySwarm because we strongly believe that data quality, not quantity, is what should be rewarded in our industry. Accurate data, after all, is what protects us against attacks. Founded in 2005, Malware Patrol's historically rich threat intelligence is derived from geographically diverse sources and used by thousands to protect networks and assets in more than 175 countries. Proprietary systems work non-stop to monitor and  validate IOCs, resulting in high confidence, up-to-the-minute data that allows our customers to prevent, detect, and correlate cyberattacks." - Andre Correa, CEO

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