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PolySwarm.AI: Rewarding the Community for Eradicating Invasive Phish

Jun 21, 2024 9:14:34 AM / by PolySwarm Team


PolySwarm, the decentralized threat detection marketplace, is excited to announce that we are developing an expansion of our groundbreaking NectarNet browser extension. In addition to existing rewards, NectarNet will now reward you for the continuous training of cutting-edge PolySwarm AI Models, which detect and protect against phishing, ad fraud, and malware. You’ll also be able to use this new community model to protect your own browsing entirely privately.

Since our founding, PolySwarm has built a global network of top security experts and anti-malware companies who compete to provide the most accurate and up-to-date threat intelligence. With this new NectarNet upgrade, we are thrilled to expand this crowdsourced approach by empowering individual users to help make the Internet a safer place. By simply using the NectarNet extension as you browse the web and occasionally answering some simple CAPTCHA-style questions about visited pages, you'll generate valuable data that will inform and sharpen our existing AI models for threat detection and prevention. You’ll be rewarded for doing your part in helping protect our Enterprise and worldwide users from malicious activities such as phishing, which caused over $8.4T in global losses in 2022. We believe collective action is the key to security in an interconnected world, and we couldn't be more excited to have you join us on the front lines in the fight against cybercrime.

We plan to make further announcements on our progress later this Summer and will give early priority access to users with (a) an existing NectarNet account and (b) an existing public NCT balance. We’re listed on Coinbase, so head on over there for the simplest on-ramp to NCT. Also, don’t forget to sign up for NectarNet if you haven’t already done so. NectarNet has distributed over 29M NCT in rewards for helping us combat malware, and we are excited to further expand these rewards with our new NectarNet features.

Onwards & upward

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