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New ArguePatch Variant Spotted

May 31, 2022 3:03:49 PM / by PolySwarm Tech Team posted in Ukraine, Russia, Threat Bulletin, CaddyWiper, Industroyer2, Sandworm, Voodoobear, ArguePatch



ESET recently tweeted about a new version of ArguePatch, a malware loader used by VooDoo Bear (Sandworm) in multiple attacks against Ukrainian assets. ESET also gave an overview of the new version of ArguePatch on their WeLiveSecurity blog.

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Mar 21, 2022 1:45:31 PM / by PolySwarm Tech Team posted in Ukraine, Threat Bulletin, Wiper, CaddyWiper



Since January, Ukraine has been targeted by several wiper malware families. In early February, we reported on the WhisperGate wiper. Earlier this month we spotlighted HermeticWiper and IsaacWiper. Ukraine was recently under attack by yet another wiper malware. ESET announced the discovery of CaddyWiper on March 14th in a tweet. Cisco Talos followed up a day later with more information on this malware.

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