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Phobos Targeting Critical Infrastructure

Mar 15, 2024 2:49:12 PM / by The Hivemind posted in Threat Bulletin, Government, Critical Infrastructure, Ransomware, Healthcare, Energy, Education, Phobos, Emergency Services


Related Families: Elking, Eight, Devos, Backmydata, Faust, Perdak, CrySiS, Dharma, SmokeLoader, Cobalt Strike, Bloodhound
Verticals Targeted: Critical Infrastructure, Government, Emergency Services, Education, Healthcare

Executive Summary

CISA recently released an advisory on Phobos ransomware being used to target critical infrastructure entities, including government entities, emergency services, education, public healthcare, and other unspecified entities.

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Faust Ransomware

Feb 12, 2024 1:07:27 PM / by The Hivemind posted in Threat Bulletin, Ransomware, Windows, Faust, Phobos


Related Families: Phobos

Executive Summary

Faust is a newly discovered variant of Phobos ransomware delivered via an office document containing a malicious VBA script.

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