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Godfather Android Banking Trojan

Jan 5, 2023 12:27:16 PM / by PolySwarm Tech Team posted in Threat Bulletin, Banking, Android, Trojan, Mobile, Godfather


Related Families: Anubis
Verticals Targeted: Financial

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2022 Recap - Mobile Malware Threat Landscape

Dec 8, 2022 1:23:16 PM / by PolySwarm Tech Team posted in Threat Bulletin, Android, Malware, 2022 Recap, ios, Mobile


Verticals Targeted: Financial, Government, Journalism, Various

Executive Summary

This report is part of PolySwarm’s 2022 Recap series. This edition provides an overview of the 2022 mobile malware threat landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2022 mobile malware threat landscape saw a 500% increase in malware distribution in early 2022, and mobile malware continued to be rampant throughout the year.
  • Some of the attack vectors used by threat actors to distribute mobile malware in 2022 include apps injected with malicious code, zero-click attacks, TOAD, and smashing.
  • Types of mobile malware that were prolific in 2022 include banking trojans, dropper apps, spyware, mobile ransomware, and subscriber trojans.
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