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2023 Recap - Cyberwar and Hacktivism in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Dec 8, 2023 1:17:32 PM / by The Hivemind posted in Ukraine, Russia, Threat Bulletin, Primitive Bear, Cozy Bear, Killnet, Cadet Blizzard, LitterDrifter, Ghost Writer, Fancy Bear, VooDoo Bear, RedStinger, Nodaria, Cyber Regiment, IT Army of Ukraine, KibOrg, NLB


Executive Summary

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has continued throughout 2023, with a plethora of both state-sponsored and hacktivist cyber activity taking place alongside kinetic warfare. In this report, PolySwarm provides the highlights of cyber activity associated with the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2023.

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Cyber Threats to Aviation and Aerospace

Oct 25, 2022 5:02:07 PM / by PolySwarm Tech Team posted in Russia, Threat Bulletin, China, Ransomware, Aerospace, Hacktivism, Aviation, Data Theft, Killnet, Phishing


Executive Summary

The aviation and aerospace verticals face numerous challenges in the form of cyber threats. This report gives an overview of the different threat actor motivations to target aviation and aerospace and the types of threats to these verticals.

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