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PolySwarm now integrated with leading SOAR platform ThreatConnect

Apr 13, 2020 1:30:04 PM / by PolySwarm Team

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Enterprises, OEMs, MSSPs can now access PolySwarm's novel file reputation and threat detection services via leading SOAR platform ThreatConnect, Inc.

ThreatConnect users can access PolySwarm--a crowdsourced threat detection tool, that enables better detection against new and emerging malware--for file reputation and threat intelligence. Cyber analysts using ThreatConnect's Security Operations Platform can download and operate the solution from a single pane of glass.

Powered by a network of threat detection engines that are highly specialized, R&D focused and faster at detecting new malware, engines in PolySwarm detect threats more likely to be missed by existing solutions. PolySwarm uses a proprietary threat scoring algorithm, PolyScore™, to aggregate engines' insights on submitted files, and contextualizes based on historical performance and field of expertise. The single, reliable score, leads to better, more accurate file reputation and detection.

"We are excited to add PolySwarm to the growing list of technology vendors in the ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program," says Andy Pendergast, VP of Product at ThreatConnect. "Through this partnership, ThreatConnect users will have access to valuable threat intelligence within the ThreatConnect platform to help them identify, analyze, and mitigate threats."

ThreatConnect is designed by analysts and built for the entire team (security operations, threat intelligence, incident response and security leadership); ThreatConnect's intelligence-driven security operations platform is the only solution available today with intelligence, automation, analytics, and workflows in a single platform. ThreatConnect and PolySwarm together means arming organizations with a powerful defense against cyber threats.

“ThreatConnect is one of those solutions that really makes an analyst's job much more streamlined,” says Steve Lakowski, Chief Strategy Officer at PolySwarm. “We are really looking forward to seeing this partnership unfold, and providing ThreatConnect users the ability to consume our novel threat intel and get better file reputation. We also realize that times right now are challenging, and there is tremendous strain on security teams. To help out, we’re giving PolySwarm Enterprise-level features through ThreatConnect free through July 15, 2020.”

ThreatConnect users can inquire about using PolySwarm by contacting their partner representative; ask about accessing PolySwarm's Enterprise features free through July 15. Or, PolySwarm can be reached directly at


Interested in using PolySwarm for better file reputation, threat intel, or to enhance your own security solution? Contact us here.


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